Monday, 12 February 2007

Hot Fuzz...about to launch


I really can't believe it - after a couple of weeks of eMails and telephone calls, the Town Clerk and I have been allocated tickets to watch the world premiere of 'HOT FUZZ'!!

I'm so excited about it. Thursday looks like being a cool day anyway - however this week has already taken an exciting turn!

Am going to arrive in London tomorrow afternoon and watch the film in the evening. Not too sure where it is being shown, but who cares???? Hopefully afterwards there will be a party to celebrate it all!

All fun to one side - the main purpose of the evening is to represent the City at this very important event. This film represents an excellent opportunity to showcase Wells to the world. Hopefully, it'll encourage more filming in the City too!

I now have to spend what is left of the evening/night to look up train timetables and do some light packing.....

For the last and latest trailer, click here.

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