Monday, 19 February 2007

Hot Fuzz launched in Wells.....Big Cops - Small Town - Moderate Violence

Finally the day was here...

It all started in the morning as my Mayoress (Julie), my Chaplain (Lavinia) and I went to see the test run of the film in Wells Film Centre (which was renamed 'Sandford Multiplex' for the evening).

Watched the film again and made both of them sit until the end so they could see the credits....specially the 'more important names (name)!!

After that it was off to the Town Hall to chase up our road signs. We had ordered some temporary signs to cover the 'Welcome to Wells' signs as you enter the City. They were meant to say 'Welcome to Sandford'....instead they said 'Welcome to Sanford'!! We had to get some more printed and sent down.

After helping to decorated the State Ballroom and Parkes Room - for the reception and press conference I went to have my hair cut.

Knowing I was under pressure for time during the day - Leon managed to squeeze me in before lunch so I had the after noon to get myself sorted.

At 1500hrs, I attended a meeting of the Royal British Legion Wells Branch. I was invited to say thank you for their excellent efforts and to talk about being Mayor. I really enjoyed talking to the group and was great to see some of the people who helped to raise a Wells record of £16000 this year for the Poppy Appeal.

After all that, I had to dash home to put my dinner jacket on (for a few moments I though I had lost it - it involved all sorts of phone calls including to the dry cleaners). Anyway found it hanging up!!

Managed to get to the Town Hall in time with my Mayoress - where we welcomed Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. After some photo's and a live ITV feed - we went to the press call in the Parkes Room (the Parkes Room had a label on the outside saying "NWA Meeting" (see the film...)).

During the press conference (mainly for local press) I did find something interesting out - that Sandford (the village name they used) is in fact the name of a fictional town that the Police use in their examinations!!

Anyway after all that - Edgar, Simon and Nick joined a larger group of invited people to the State Ballroom for a Civic Reception. We had a couple of speeches from various people including the Town Clerk, the Wells Journal Editor, a fundraiser and myself.

I did mention in my mini speech that I used the phrase "for the greater good" in the City Council meeting the night before (see the film...).

On odd bit of the evening was the way that both Simon and Nick were referred to! Everyone called them 'the talent' as opposed to cast or stars! I thought that made them sound quite cheap and irrelevant personally. Apparently that is the industry lingo for such things..... what do I know!

Anyway the guest and myself were whisked down to the 'Sandford Multiplex' before the 'talent' arrived.

When they did, they were escorted by real Police Officers, real Police Cars with real sirens and lights blazing (in London all of it was the Met have strict rules on such things). The 'Talent' or stars really loved it.

I then joined them on a tour of all three screens....after which we headed back to The Crown Hotel for dinner.

As we were finishing - our transport arrived and we were dashed down to Kudos for a party. I left the club at about 0100hrs after having an excellent day!

Crashed out into bed.........

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