Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Only two candidates - may be we should use the boxing's good value!!

Had a very good day's trading today. Wasn't expecting it to be as busy! Everyone worked well as a team, especially the new chaps!!

At mid day today, the close of nominations for the local elections meant that it was too late for any more candidates to throw their hat into the ring. All the seats in Mendip are being contested.

In St Thomas ward there will only be Conservative and Lib Dem candidates seeking election to Mendip. This I think is a great shame, as more people ought to be encouraged to stand.

Not too sure about who is standing for City Council yet...but will do tomorrow!!

Later this evening at 1900hrs, I visited the Wells Boxing Club at the Cold Store. They have a great facility down there and have members spanning all ages and backgrounds. Some members just want to get fit...others to box. At £3 for adults and £2 for children, it does seem excellent value.

The club is run to the highest standards, so risk of harm is as reduced as it can be. They have big plans for the future.....I hope they succeed!!

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