Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Curry and BBQ - and I forgot to bet on the Grand National

Update for the weekend...

The whole weekend was wonderfully hot in Wells. This meant that a lot of people were taking advantage of the Easter holiday and BBQ's!!

On Friday night I joined four friends for dinner in The Strode Arms in Cranmore. We had a wonderful meal, which we always have when visiting there.

On Saturday, after a gentile day at work (the Grand National didn't help), went out for the evening with a friend of mine Steph. We went for a curry in Cafe Romna (a first for Steph) and then off to Kudos for the rest of the night.

As usual we had an entertaining evening seeing alsorts in the club!!

On Sunday I opened Pickwicks for our first sunday trading day. It wasn't very busy, but neither was the rest of the city. I sent my staff home in stages. The last one left at 1500hrs.

Shockingly, after 1500hrs - I had more customers during that time than in the rest of the day! All by myself. Closed at 1600hrs.

Later that evening I joined a former employee of mine Dale Atkinson at his family's BBQ. The BBQ was in aid of Dale's Gran's 80th Birthday. Although Dale doesn't work for me any more, his brother does. He still keeps in touch.

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