Monday, 9 April 2007

Pink Gin and curried cabbage....Nathan just got drunk!

I had a really nice weekend...despite working in Pickwicks. It was a good Easter weekend!

On Saturday, trade was very good and it was full on as usual.

In the evening we had Nathan Truckle's leaving party. We started off with drinks in the Mayor's Parlour. About 12 members of staff came along. I gave them a brief tour of the Town Hall too (lucky people)!!

After the Parlour we had a couple of drinks in The Crown Inn and then off to Kudos nightclub.

When we got to the club there was quite a queue to get in. However, as I'm a VIP card holder (not too sure how it worked) I walked passed the queue and straight in without paying.... cool or what?? With the card I'm allowed one guest...which was Nathan as it was his party.

Left there at about 0300hrs after an excellent evening.

On Easter Sunday (after tidying the Parlour), my Chaplain invited me and some others for supper.

Lavinia had cooked an excellent roast. She is a fantastic cook (had a very curried cabbage). Also invited was the Mayoress, Anthea, Hillary and Martin.

During the evening I got used to drinking 'pink gin'. Wow....what a taste! Going to try that more often. Will buy some bitters during the week.

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