Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The whole weekend.......

On friday my Chaplain and I attended the West Mendip Opportunity Group auction. It was a great evening.

I brought a table top football game and a massage! Sadly when I got the ticket for the massage, I found out it was for ladies only!!! tut....was looking forward to that!

Anyway, had a great evening - which raised about £1500!! Embarrassing part of the evening was me forgetting the organiser's name...(which is Denise by the way).

Saturday the Mayoress and I attended the Wells Lion's Charter night. This was a brilliant evening. We had loads to eat and really did enjoy ourselves. The raffle went on a little too long - but we raised loads of money for the charities.

On Sunday St. Cuthbert's Church held the Thanksgiving to Wells service. The service was my idea to celebrate were Wells is at the moment. We have a lot in the City regarding our past - but not enough to do with the future and now!

After the service the Vicar invited some of us back to the Vicarage for afternoon drinks. What a wonderful way to end a hot day!

On Monday I lead a civic party to watch the first night of HMS Pinafore at the Little Theatre in Wells. As Mayor, I am President of the association. As part of the role, the President is allowed to invite 14 other people to watch the spring performance. Anyway, we all enjoyed the play and wondered at the amount of time and effort put into the whole performance.

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