Friday, 6 April 2007

Got the last meeting over and done with....then off for a BBQ burger (heated up in the microwave)

Blog updated on Good Friday!!

At least I'm trying to keep up to date with it all. Had a reasonable day in Pickwicks. We had some very nice weather, which meant the City Centre was rather quiet.

We opened for 'Sunday' hours which is 1000hrs until 1600hrs. Ho hum.... can't win them all! Anyway, I suspect the Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday trade will be busy.

Last night (Thursday 5th April 2007) I chaired the final City Council meeting before the local elections on 3rd May.

We had a very constructive meeting, despite some interference! I particularly enjoyed the police report. Our new Beat Manager, PC Spencer Scott, is really proving to be an excellent appointment. He has a good feel for the issues, despite being in post for only a few months.

There were some very nice words from Mr Hudsmith and Cllr. Colin Price about me! I was quite embarrassed. A big thanks for their recognition.....

On behalf of the City I said good bye and a thankyou to four Councillors who are retiring at the election (some others may also retire, but that is up to the public). Cllrs Blundell, Sapstead, Sommers and Woods are not standing for election.

I especially wanted to say thank you to Cllr. Blundell (Lib Dem) for her work on the Council, in Civic Services and representing the council on the Wells Museum committee. Also Cllr. Saptead (Conservative) for his work on the City & District Councils, in Civic Services and his professional expertise on the council's planning committee.

After the meeting, I popped into the Mayoress and her husband for supper - which ended up being a BBQ sausage and burger!! Nice!!

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