Tuesday, 17 April 2007

I'm not a hippy now......

Today was a busy day in Pickwicks and for me as Mayor.

At 1100hrs I hosted a visit by the Wookey Primary School. The children had just visited the Cathedral.

When they arrived we had a photo for the local paper. Then it was up to the Mayor's Parlour.

First to make a presentation was the City Archivist. He showed all the children our Royal charters. We had to do this first as they were all about to be fed drinks and cakes. The 800 year old documents don't really 'do' chocolate cake.

After the documents were safely stored away, my Mace Bearer and I guided the children through the role as Mayor, our maces and other parts of civic items.

After all that, we went to the Parkes Room and then to the Crown Courts and the cells.

They all appeared to enjoy the visit.

After all that, I spent some time updating my diary with my Diary Secretary. My diary is increasingly getting mega busy. I might as well just take loads of time off between now and 19th May.

After that I went to Leon's to have my hair cut. I now don't look like a hippy and have a 'summer cut'.

Then it was off to 'High & Wild' to start looking at a holiday after I've finished being Mayor. I spoke to Mark who seems to have loads of ideas for my break! I can't wait......

In the evening I was meant to be hosting a reception for Tele PA. Tele PA are a local company that won a couple of business awards last year. To celebrate this, I offered to host a reception.

With their and my diary very busy - it has taken up til now to get sorted. Anyway, no one turned up. I'll sort it out tomorrow! No doubt my fault somewhere along the line......

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