Monday, 29 March 2010

WANTED: Joseph Rowntree Trust to come clean on Lib Dem support!

How very nice for the Joseph Rowntree Trust and their 'Power 2010' off shoot to support the Lib Dems with almost £5million worth of donations and to assist in the Lib Dem 'target seat camapign'.

Recently the 'Power 2010' group put around a leaflet in Wells attacking the Conservative MP, David Heathcoat-Amory. 

They are allegedly supporting a reform of politics!!

I think the leaflet is bias, tacky and ill informed.  The Power 2010 seem to skirt around the issue of Lib Dems not supporting a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (as promised in the last general election) and fails to mention the fact that several Lib Dem MPs (in fact all of them), have abandoned their posts in Westminster to campaign in their constituencies!!

So we are paying each and every one of them, over £67k plus to act as an over paid Councillor and effectively state fund their election campaigns..... strangely, Power 2010 don't seem to mind this! 

If an 'independant organisation' wants to highlight reform...the fine.  I just wish that they would state their support for their prefered party (Lib Dems to the tune of almost £5m) on the leaflets......

But that may be a reform to far for them........

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