Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I think snow often seeps into peoples brains.....

I was able to drive into Wells today from Oakhill (where I'm looking after friends dogs).  The journey was slow but ok.  My Dad taught me how to handle bad weather when driving, so I arrived safely with my car in one piece!

However, on the way down I can across several people who must of thought "oh, it's snowing - so all the normal rules and laws regarding walking and driving are suspended"!  Quite why they thought that,  I don't know.

There were people walking down the centre of the road (close to some cars which appeared out of control) and even in Wells High Street, some guy who thought that the whole area was the pavement to so walking around without checking for anything or anyone else....what a twat!!

I come to the conclusion that some (but defo not all) acciedents are caused by such morons when it's snowing....and in my view, should be low priority for any response if required!!

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