Monday, 15 March 2010

....The story of the evening so far.....

I had a call from a friend to say that an alarm system had failed in one of their premises in Shepton Mallet.  They wondered if I would be able to spend the night in the property to ensure security.

Not a prob I thought....  So packed some essential supplies such as filter coffee, cafetier, book, marmite, crackers, cheese and some bread.  Iwas assured there were basic supplies in the property...tea, crisps, coffee etc!  As you may know, I fussy about my tea/coffee hence why I brought it with me.

Had to stop at the garage for some Lucozade and Pot Noodle....that is when I found out that I had forgotten to bring my cafetier and book!!  Book not really a prob - but the cafetier meant no filter coffee!!

Arrived in Shepton Mallet, had the brief and the hand-over.  I had to remain aware and regularly patrol the main areas. 

This wasn't a prob!  There were two ways of getting around the premises.  So I alternated between the two to give a bit of variety. 

At about 0440hrs I had my Pot Noodle (for which I thik they have changed the recipe, and doesn't taste as nice).  That filled a gap.

I think, possibly I have brought too much with me.  However, I still have (at time of writing) two hurs to go!!

Those of you who know me - realise that I do late nights (indeed overnight) very well.  It's just the getting up bit which is the killer......

p.s. Twinings Tea has kept me going so far....without the need of a Lucozade!

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