Monday, 15 October 2007

The final transmission: Mayor's Diary for 24th May 2007 - as published by the Wells Journal

Mayor’s Diary

Sadly, this is the last transmission from me as your Mayor. As the new Mayor has been installed, I've taken the opportunity to dash away for a holiday. I'm typing this at 4:30am on Sunday 20th May as I'm awaiting my flight from Gatwick to Corsica.

It has been a great honour and privilege for me to serve you as your Mayor. Over the last 12 months I have notched up over 430 meetings, events and engagements. In the Mayor's Parlour, I have welcomed over 650 visitors at least once. It has been a full on year, which I must say has been the best year of my life....

This week, for the last time, I have attended 8 meetings, events and engagements as your Mayor.

On Wednesday I assisted Andre in his own restaurant to serve a three course meal to 30 paying customers. I learnt how to make the perfect mashed potato.

I had three engagements on Thursday. First was to welcome visitors from our twined town of Pary Le Monial. After a drinks reception, I took them on a tour of the Mayor's Parlour.

Later that afternoon, I hosted another tour of the Town Hall for students from the University of Virginia.

In the evening the Mayoress and I hosted a reception for Wells FC to celebrate their success in winning the Somerset Cup after almost 70 years. Well done lads. The cup is proudly displayed in the Town Hall, so please come in and have a look.

On Friday the Mayoress and I hosted a party at The Swan Hotel to say thank you to the many people who supported us during the year. It was a very emotional evening. Thank you to all of our guests for coming along.

So that is it I'm afraid. One marvelous year has zoomed by. Again thank you for your unreserved and unconditional support. I still can't believe I was allowed to be your Mayor....

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